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Be it extreme heat or ferocious cold, a great AC unit can help moderate the temperature within our living space or office and greatly contribute to our daily comfort. Sadly, like any other technology, our AC, as well as its parts, have a lifespan. Sooner or later repairs will become necessary in order to retain the full functionality of your AC. If you are in Los Angeles, CA and could use an expert air conditioning repair service, Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning is the company to rely on! I have been in business for almost two decades, providing the good people of our community as well as the surrounding neighborhoods with top-notch air conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance services!

Air Conditioning Repair Service

Having regular maintenance performed on your new air conditioning system is the optimal way to keep it functioning properly throughout the year. This is because there are certain things that need regular tending to such as the air filters and the Freon gas levels. As the air circulates, dust particles get caught in the filters, but can then get redistributed throughout the room, lowering the quality of the air you breathe. Otherwise, a common call for repairs is made if the Freon gas gets depleted and your unit is no longer able to chill the air and is rendered useless when the need for space cooling comes. In addition, while performing routine maintenance or repairs, I will notice if any parts will soon need replacing, and will be able to handle it before it turns into a malfunction.

If a malfunction does occur, my air conditioning repair service is just what you need to get your AC back into working order. I have invested in all the proper tools needed to complete reliable and swift repairs. After years of working in the industry, there is no malfunction that could throw me off and I will be able to provide you with accurate on-sight diagnostics as to the cause of the problem. I have located the top suppliers in Los Angeles, CA when it comes to AC unit parts. This allows me to use the correct and high-quality replacement parts that are compatible with your AC model. My services are quite affordable and well worth the comfort of cool air on a hot day!

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