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When the winter hits, we usually start thinking about our heating system. This could be a bad decision because of your heating fails or you forgot to repair it, you will have a cold home during the winter. I cater for this to never happen to you. For any issues with your domestic heating system, turn to me as a reputable heating service provider Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning. I have been operating in Los Angeles, CA for many years and know how to troubleshoot multiple malfunctions.

  • What units do you fix? I have a significant amount of qualifications and skills to repair HVAC systems, furnaces, and heaters. I am dedicated to excellence. You can call me for compressor, gas valve, and thermostat repairs and Freon recharges. Need a leak detection service? Or maybe your ductwork doesn’t function as it should? By all means, call me for an appointment now. I do floor and wall-mounted heating installation too.

  • Does the size of my new air conditioner impact on my energy bills? Absolutely! If you buy a new system and it is not properly chosen according to the square footage of your home, you will experience high monthly expenses. In addition, your unit will work inefficiently, and your comfort will be compromised. For a professional and free consultation, you can reach me at (323) 208-8003.

  • Is your business legal? Yes, my business is completely licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • Do you work on residential and commercial jobs? Yes, I provide residential and commercial floor heater repair.

  • After a floor heater is installed, how long will my floor heat? Electric floor heaters react swiftly. But the amount of time needed for you to feel warmth beneath your feet depends on the flooring material and insulation.

  • Does the flooring material matter when it comes to floor heating options? Of course, it does. Basically, the best flooring materials for such an installation are tile or natural stone. They have high thermal conductivity meaning the heat transfers from the underfloor heaters to the surface quickly.

  • What if I have a hardwood floor? Can you still do it? There are systems designed for low temperatures which I use in such jobs. However, if the room is exposed to direct sunlight, the temperature from your heating system may rise. Get in touch with Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning today to discuss the details.

  • How do you charge for your services? This is not a problem. I offer my commercial and residential wall heater repair services at very fair rates. In fact, most of my clients in Los Angeles, CA will confirm it. You can rely on me for great rates and attractive discounts.

  • Why should I invest in wall-mounted heating? I install electric wall heaters that are easy and safe. In addition, you can take advantage of their efficiency and expect your utility bills to drop for sure. They are small in size and suitable for apartments and condos. You can also count on me for reliable wall heater repair services.

  • Can I have a floor heater installed underneath my shower cabin? Yes, definitely! I encourage people to consider that option for their comfort and health. I have dealt with such installations. So, do not delay and call me now for floor heater repair at good rates.