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Furnace Components You Should Check Before You Schedule Repairs

Furnace Components You Should Check Before You Schedule Repairs

Useful Heating Service Provider Tips On Performing DIY Troubleshooting

A properly working and functioning furnace can be quite a gift when it comes to keeping you warm during the winter. It can help in maintaining an optimal temperature in your house during the cold season. Yet, there can be times, often inconvenient ones, when the unit breaks down and does not heat properly. However, there can be times when the issue can be troubleshot. Listed below are some of the furnace components you should check be your schedule repairs provided by a professional heating service contractor.


The thermostat is one of your unit’s essential elements. It helps to control the amount of heat which the system produces and distributes in your home. When the settings of your unit are not set correctly, your unit does not work well. To determine if the problem is the thermostat, check the settings. See if the temperature is set correctly. Also, see if the heating function is turned on from the switches or buttons. If the settings are correct or the problem persists you should consider scheduling a heating service.

The filter and circuit breaker

Apart from the thermostat and heat, you should also check the filters and circuit breaker. Often, the furnace can refuse to work well when the filters which help to prevent debris from infiltrating get clogged. As a result, your unit can break down and fail as it cannot intake air or expel it. To determine if the source of the issue is the filter, remove the piece and check if you can see through it. If it is soiled and you cannot see through, consider replacing it. While troubleshooting the unit consider inspecting the circuit breaker. Check if the switch has not tripped and needs to be restored. If the problem continues such as the breaker tripping, opt for scheduling a furnace repair service.

There are several furnace components you should check before you schedule repairs. If you would like to learn about these elements, contact a professional heating service provider such as Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning in Los Angeles, CA.