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Is Your Air Compressor Starting to Play Up?

Air Compressors Repair Services Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is extremely important for the efficient operation, not to mention extending your air compressors life-span. Poor maintenance will result in malfunctions, and eventual breakdown when their upkeep is not done. Breakdowns can be expensive, not only because you will need to call in a professional

air compressors repair services

such as Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning, but the loss of production also.

Below are a few maintenance tips for people living outside of the Los Angeles, CA area.

Owners Manual

Make sure you thoroughly read and follow your air compressor manual. Keep this somewhere that is easier to access. Compressors are usually quite reliable and do not need daily maintenance. However, when you have a problem, these manuals can be extremely helpful. They give you the Do’s and Don’ts, in addition to simple tips for the safe and effective operation of a compressor. However, if you are unable to find it, don’t panic. Most manufacturers now have maintenance manuals online which can be downloaded, or you can contact their customer service department and ask them to send you one when you have a model which is considered obsolete.


You should make sure your compressor is kept clean, dry and debris free. And, make sure there are sufficient ventilation and cooling in the room. Poor ventilation and cooling will often result in overheating.

Inlet Air Filter

Many commercial compressors come with an inlet air filter. This ensures clean air is taken

into the compressor, in addition to it acting like a silencer. This inlet filter will need regular inspection, as a clogged filter will reduce operational efficiency and increase electricity consumption. Dirty air not only causes excessive wear of all the internal components of the compressor, it also has the potential to damage other associated components found in the system. If you are having issues with your compression, and need the expert help of a professional

air compressors repair services

, then you need to call today at (323) 208-8003.