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Not Sure What Is Wrong With Your Wall Heater

Troubleshooting Residential Wall Heater Repair



Heater Operation


Vented room heaters work very similarly to a hot water heater. They both have a standing pilot, which is a flame which is always burning, and when the temperature of a room falls low enough, the thermostat will send a signal to the valve to open, the pilot will ignite the burner. However, unless maintained properly, you may have to make a standing order with your local

residential wall heater repair

service provider.



Some models come with an igniter which creates an electronic spark needed to ignite the burner. The more expensive vented heaters will bring exterior air into a combustion chamber instead of depleting the room air. Vent-free heaters do work more efficiently than vented ones, however, they can release carbon monoxide and water vapors which are not advisable to use in residential settings.




does not light


When you adhere to the procedures to light your pilot and it still does not light, the first thing you should check is your gas supply. When you use a propane tank, make sure there is still enough gas in it. When there is, or your heater uses natural gas, check the gas lines handle; it needs to be parallel to the pipe. If you are sure there is gas, the pilot aperture could be blocked. Should this be the case, clear it by reaching into the combustion chamber and poking a needle into


You could disassemble the pilot tube and clear it out using some compressed air.




Pilot light going out


The heater will not work correctly when the pilot continuously flickers, is weak, or goes out, and the cause can often be a blocked


tube. Another thing which could cause a weak pilot is a thermocouple which is faulty. This is a heat sensor that is next to the pilot flame, which sends a signal to the gas valve to stay open when the flame is still burning. When this is defective or is too far from the pilot, then the pilot will not remain on. Sometimes pushing it closer to the pilot will resolve this problem, however, thermocouples do wear out, and yours could need replacing. If you are looking for a

residential wall heater repair service

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