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Not Sure What Model of Air Conditioner to Get?

2019 Buyers Guide to Air Conditioning

Just bought a house with no air conditioning? Is your head spinning with all the different air conditioners there are on the market today. Don’t panic, below are 2 of the top systems used today.

Window air conditioners are probably the most common type of air conditioning you will see today. Just look up when you walk down a city street in the summer, and you will see plenty of these installed in the windows. Or worse, however, just as common, you will get dripped on by their condensation!

This kind of air conditioner, which is usually mounted in a window, comes with an exhaust system that pushes hot air out of the back and sides, and the refrigerant cooling system is facing indoors.

These units only have the ability to cool one room at a time, and when you have a large home, you will need one of these in every room you want to cool. They are also inexpensive and are still considered the most popular choice for people living in small homes or apartments. Another benefit is they can be moved between rooms and removed in the colder months.

Central air conditioners come with a cooling compressor, that will be located outside the home and is what actually cools the air. A coil that is filled with refrigerant is used to cool the air, this is then blown by a fan and distributed throughout your house via already established ductwork.

Using these supply and return ducts, this system will circulate the cool air through a building, and warm air is carried back through the return system and pushed out through the exhaust system. Your central air conditioning system uses the same duct system your heating system uses.

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