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Salient Distinctions Between Commercial and Residential Heating and Ventilation Systems

A Suitable Commercial Floor Heater Repair System for Your Business

When looking for a suitable commercial floor heater repair company, you need to consider and understand the salient distinctions between commercial and residential heating and ventilation systems. Bear in mind that not all companies that provide HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) services have common specializations. You need to employ a company that can provide the best and most suitable repair services to you.

The main distinctions between a commercial and a residential heating and ventilation system can be broken down into four major factors—namely, heating capacity, size, packaging and structure, and flexibility. Firstly, commercial floor heating systems have high heating capacity compared to residential ones because it caters to a large number of employees. Secondly, commercial floor heating systems are bigger in size and usually packaged, unlike residential ones that are split and are of small sizes. For technicians who will be dealing with commercial floor heater repair services, both the heating and cooling systems are combined in one rooftop unit. They are easy to access and difficult to maintain due to its structure. And lastly, commercial systems are flexible compared to residential ones because with the former, the units come in modules that make them convenient for business owners.

Indeed, you should choose a commercial floor heater repair company that specializes in repairing floor heaters for commercial purposes. By doing this, you can have satisfactory results or outcomes that meet your expected standards of work. Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning is known for its efficiency in terms of providing diversified repair services for commercial establishments. Aside from the level of quality that it provides to its customers, it also excels in terms of customer service skills. Its office is located in Los Angeles, CA. By engaging their services, you can avoid unnecessary business interruptions and profit loss due to poor maintenance and repair of your floor heater systems. You can call the office through the number (323) 208-8003.