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Furnace Installation, Air Conditioner Repair and Other Solutions

As an expert with many years of experience in the HVAC industry, I can offer you one-of-a-kind services at prices that are very reasonable and fair. I service both residential and commercial equipment, so if you are located in Los Angeles, CA or in any of the surrounding towns, do not hesitate to give Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning a call and let me take care of all your needs.

Heating repair

Heating repair

Air Conditioning Equipment

Known for my excellent air conditioning repair service, today, I am among the finest AC contractors in town. Equipped with a set of professional tools and utilizing only the finest, time-tested techniques, I repair air conditioners of any make and model. Regardless of the size and type of your system, my residential & commercial air conditioning repair services have got you covered. I take care of coils, refrigerant leaks, zone systems, compressors, indoor units, and more.

Heating Equipment

Besides air compressors repair services, I also offer residential floor heater installation, thermostat repairs, furnace replacement, wall heaters installation, heat pump repairs, heat box inspections, boiler replacement, and much more. There is no job too complex or too simple for me; I can handle absolutely everything my client’s request.


Your condenser is responsible for heat transfer through condensation and cooling, and that makes it vital for your system. If you are having problems with a condenser unit, I can help you resolve any issue in no time. I also do condenser installation jobs and can perform general maintenance work.

Package Unit

I also work with package units, providing both installation and repair services. Working with various types of self-contained heating and air conditioning systems, I can help you keep your property energy-efficient and your energy bills – low.

Mini Split

If you prefer mini-split systems for your heating and cooling needs, I am the technician who can handle the installation and repair work. Mini-splits allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms and spaces and are very convenient for both residential and commercial properties.

Reversing Valve

You can call me whenever you need to install, fix, or replace a reversing valve. I have all the necessary tools to complete such tasks promptly and will make sure to pay attention to every detail as I work, ensuring that everything was done by the book.

Other Equipment

The fact that I specialize in furnaces can give you the peace of mind knowing I can handle all pipe and line work around your home or business. Each furnace installation project requires skills in plumbing, so I am a fully licensed contractor with knowledge of piping systems and plumbing equipment. I can help with the replacement of reversing valves, retrofitting gas valves, thermal expansion valves, and much more.

Maintenance Services

Heat boxes installation and thermostat repair services are just a few of the solutions included in my excellent maintenance programs. To create a customized plan, all I need to know is my clients’ location, the type of service they have, the brand of the equipment, and its age. Only then, I will provide a comprehensive solution that will save you money in the long run.

Interested in finding out how else Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning in Los Angeles, CA can be of any help? Call me at (323) 208-8003 now to discuss your needs so I can answer all your questions and book you an appointment for an inspection service.