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What Are Included in Heating Service Contracts?

Heating service

contracts are often very detailed agreements drawn up between a residential or commercial customer and a service company to service and repair heating equipment and systems. Many of these contracts will specify what the exact terms of service are, the length of it and the overall cost of the service. Contracts do differ in length which can be from one to several years and can cover various services depending on the situation at the time.

The customer is sometimes given the option of paying for their service contract annually, which is more usual for commercial service contracts, or on a monthly basis, which is typical for residential service contracts. Many of these contracts are extremely specific regarding the circumstances they cover and those they do not. It is common for such contracts to cover replacement parts and to provide routine maintenance activities, which can include tune-ups and energy evaluations.

These contracts often exclude the replacement of some kinds of parts or services which are considered non-routine.

Heating service

contracts sometimes cover replacing parts like transformers, motors, air and oil filters, gauges, and fans, and transformers, to name but a few, however, they usually do not cover parts like heat exchangers, air cleaners, and humidifiers.

Some service contracts provide their customers with 24-hour emergency service. The contract, will


however, limit this to situations where the customer is without heat or water, instead of services or repairs which can be performed at any time. Any routine maintenance will not be available on a 24-hour basis under this kind of service contract. This kind of emergency provision is quite beneficial, especially for commercial customers whose operations depend on working heating systems. To find out more about our services please do not hesitate to contact Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning in Los Angeles, CA now at (323) 208-8003.

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