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What Can Go Wrong With Floor Heating?

Radiant Floor Heater Repair Tips


Rule out any exterior factors

When your floor heating system just isn’t maintaining its desired temperature, the first thing you need to check is not the heat and air conditioning system itself. Instead, you need to make sure you haven’t introduced any outside factors which may have reduced the heater’s performance. For instance, when you have recently redecorated your home, you need to be aware that any heavy carpets or big pieces of furniture will block the heat, which stops the air from being as warm as you would like it to be. By doing this simple thing, it saves time and money calling out a professional floor heater repair technician.


Furthermore, you need to bear in mind that heat does rise, and a floor panel system is designed to fill a room slowly with warmth from the bottom upwards, so it will take time for the air to get to its desired temperature. When you turn on your floor heating and still do not feel warm after an hour, it may mean the heat is taking its time to expand throughout your entire home. Should this be the case, a good solution is installing a smart thermostat, so you can make sure your home is warmed up in advance when you want it to be.


Still not getting the right temperature?

When your floor heating still is not providing the warmth you want, there are some other steps you can try. Homeowners that have water-based floor panels will be able to adjust the temperature of the water heater in order to get the desired heat. Should you like your showers hotter than your floor heater, you can install a mixing valve that will prevent your floor from getting too hot.

Homeowners that have electric floor panels can often overload their electrical systems, especially when their circuit breaker is unable to handle the power load which these systems need. If your electric floor heating is always too cold or completely fails, you may have to upgrade your breaker box. For all your floor heater repair needs, you need to call Estrada's Heat & Air Conditioning in Los Angeles, CA now at (323) 208-8003.

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